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now that is a face of tension.


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fancy art work

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a heart warming letter to read.

Soldiers' Mail

Somewhere in Belgium

July 30th, 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

I received your three letters dated June 21st, 25th and 30th and believe me dear sister I am very proud to see that you have been so faithful to me in writing as often as you have.  I haven’t written you in weeks although of course it wasn’t my fault as I have been through practically everything since we left France.  You all have been constantly on my mind and my every thought is of you all back home.  I received quite a few letters from John and Anna and as soon as I reach my rest camp I promise to write you a nice long letter.  This letter that I am writing you is being written in the line where shot and shell have been and are falling all around us.  My experiences have…

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Photos of a pro! brilliant! These are unforgetble memories. I.AM


when I first arrived in Belgrade on the evening of 31 January 2011, the city was covered in a blanket of snow, ice and freezing fog…

so far this Winter the weather has been comparably balmy…indeed on Monday, it felt like Spring…

all that changed this morning when the city once again woke under a white icy blanket

images originally taken on my iPhone, published on instagram

thought worth sharing here on belgradestreets

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Death for a recovering nation

  The bravery of the Liberian troops that stood their ground without being taken for a piece of human, to be ruled by the dictator of the country, they got together and resisted the fear of the dictator. After, many … Continue reading

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Twitter the socializer

The beginning of the greatest news gatherer is Twitter. If you have not got on to Twitter well you should so you can get the news of anything you want first hand. Twitter is the quick to the point conversation and the connectors of people you have never had known become known.

The advance in Twitter has transformed the ordinary platform of communication to a new form of platform, better than ever. The easy way of communication to the people you follow and the communication that makes one more knowledgeable to the unknown. By having Twitter you manage to get messages across and follow the things that occur around the world. Thanks to the follow back by ones follower you can send direct messages to the person.

On the other hand of Twitter is the facts of many people are willing to do anything for a follow back by the people they follow.  Right now on the Twitter web are two talented individuals who have Tweets of no stop followers who want to be (or rather need to) be followed by their star. Life seems to be a stand still for the unfollowed by these two people and they are #Justin Bieber and #Lady gaga. The amounts of attraction these celebrities have are overwhelming and the #fact that the majority of people on twitter are fans of either or both of the celebrities and both ranking in the top places of most followers.

As more people on Twitter, the better of connecting to everyone worldwide and communication can become easily known by the various people worldwide. The spreading of information is needed.

So spread the info.




  It is all about being connected.


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SA threatens TV viewers

No decoder= no signal= no programmes!

One more year to go through before South Africa (S.A) implements the digital decoder for the TV sets. The digital decoder is a connection between the decoder and the TV in order for programmes shown on-screen. This is a very costly move by South Africa to ‘fit’ into the world of digitization as we would like to assume the all countries to be. South Africa has taken millions of rands and plunge it into digitization, so there is a dismiss in analogues and, better and clear viewing for the TV’s, so does this mean the decoder should be implemented?

S.A’s digital divide is very wide and with the implementation of the decoder, this digital divide will increase, therefore, putting more people into positions of being unable to watch TV and the less fortunate to be further uneducated on the events occurring in the county and internationally. For many in S.A the TV is the only source of information with visuals moving and audio. The costs of the decoder have raised many concerns of whether it will be a one-month pay off or a subscription fee payment. Some people have announced that the costs of the decoder can be roughly R400 and more, this is a lot for those who cannot afford it.

So why implement a ‘box’ that will threaten the rest of the South Africans especially for a country who is just developing and rarely had money for proper development. So why, not take that millions of rands and improve education for the thousands of children out there or into training programmes for job positions or for better infrastructure and service deliveries. S.A has not clearly understood the essential need for South Africans if they did then those without houses would have had houses by now.

To say is that the implementation of the decoders, for many the TV will be just…

 Hardware without software.

(No programmes = an empty screen)       

__ :)I.AM


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