Battle of the Teen AWARDS!

Every year one in a billion world-wide talented individuals perform for the hearts of the human race, and at this century there are two key figures in music and it is the race to the Teen choice awards.

The TOP (Talented, Outstanding Potential) artists are show cased and it is the award that a young artist would want to get, as one cannot rewind time to get that award later, once one past the teen choice awards without being there, one misses out. 

So, the 2 TOPs are Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber, both teens, show cased natural talent in their performances. Both has performed music that has captured world-wide attention.

Their sound is definitely a must listen and you decide who has the ultimate music for the Teen choice awards. This will be the battle of the two, but since the expanding of the TOPs many more are to come, so if you a TOP young artist make this a goal, teenage life comes and goes.

The battle already begins.

Check out their web sites

Cody Simpson                             

 Justin Bieber              


Cody Simpson vs. Justin Bieber

:) I.AM


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