Skills versus Experience

It’s almost the end of the year as thousands of people have rushed and stress if they were to get a job for the following year. After many searched of a job, many will find that the requirements of a job is ‘experience’ that is needed. So, what is the use of going to school to learn numerous of subjects and come out with no experience of the world of work and be expected to get a job which requires experience when you do not even have any.

There is this cycle which job seekers just cannot get into that is, ‘inorder to get a job you need experience, but in oder to get experience you need a job’. This cycle has prevented the people to get jobs which leads to the unemployment rate increasing. Perhaps in the change of the educational system would help.

The suggestion I will give is implement survival strategies to the learners in school. Survival strategies in the fields of medical, economics, business and of course technology. Beginning with medical should be CPR and mostly emergency techniques (what to do when someone faints). The learnt course should be quick and easily learnt and remembered by the learners.

As for the economic field, the learners need to know how to save and spend and definitely on how to use the banks and invest to what banks there are. By learning these strategies it gives learners the knowledge to survive with lesser stress after school life. Money has become essential to everyone and without proper use of money will lead to a decline in a comfortable life and more stress.

Furthermore with the field of business, really everyone needs to know how this work as almost everything deals with business. Everyone should know how to launch their own business with the policies that involved in one’s business. With the knowledge of business the creating of jobs opportunities will increase. Therefore more people out of the unemployment rate.

In addition, with the technological field which is hard not to miss as nowadays the increase of the digital system is spread more rapidly than ever and probably will not stop for years to come. So by learning the skills of how to use the computer, typing and the softwares is essential to keep updated with the world of networks. Knowledge provided on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, can provide essential information to learners to become more innovative.

These above should be implemented, it’s not like it does no use to your life, it is that it will come useful for everyone. Also to mention the topic of career needs more detail about it. There is more than accounting and engineering field and of course becoming a doctor or a lawyer only. Really, some people only know those two jobs. If the education system could just start implementing this strategy, more people will be able to get jobs.

This all a matter of what is the use of having many years of experiences, but just cannot apply the work. So if one had the skills needed for the changing environment of works but no experiences the outcome would be a greater standard for people to be employed and improving on the human lives. Lastly, talent goes a long way and probably the solution to enter the cycle of work and experience is to launch ones owns business. You get to implement your learnt skills and have a job.

Let’s innovate and be skilled and not feel stress without a job.



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