SA threatens TV viewers

No decoder= no signal= no programmes!

One more year to go through before South Africa (S.A) implements the digital decoder for the TV sets. The digital decoder is a connection between the decoder and the TV in order for programmes shown on-screen. This is a very costly move by South Africa to ‘fit’ into the world of digitization as we would like to assume the all countries to be. South Africa has taken millions of rands and plunge it into digitization, so there is a dismiss in analogues and, better and clear viewing for the TV’s, so does this mean the decoder should be implemented?

S.A’s digital divide is very wide and with the implementation of the decoder, this digital divide will increase, therefore, putting more people into positions of being unable to watch TV and the less fortunate to be further uneducated on the events occurring in the county and internationally. For many in S.A the TV is the only source of information with visuals moving and audio. The costs of the decoder have raised many concerns of whether it will be a one-month pay off or a subscription fee payment. Some people have announced that the costs of the decoder can be roughly R400 and more, this is a lot for those who cannot afford it.

So why implement a ‘box’ that will threaten the rest of the South Africans especially for a country who is just developing and rarely had money for proper development. So why, not take that millions of rands and improve education for the thousands of children out there or into training programmes for job positions or for better infrastructure and service deliveries. S.A has not clearly understood the essential need for South Africans if they did then those without houses would have had houses by now.

To say is that the implementation of the decoders, for many the TV will be just…

 Hardware without software.

(No programmes = an empty screen)       

__ :)I.AM



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