Twitter the socializer

The beginning of the greatest news gatherer is Twitter. If you have not got on to Twitter well you should so you can get the news of anything you want first hand. Twitter is the quick to the point conversation and the connectors of people you have never had known become known.

The advance in Twitter has transformed the ordinary platform of communication to a new form of platform, better than ever. The easy way of communication to the people you follow and the communication that makes one more knowledgeable to the unknown. By having Twitter you manage to get messages across and follow the things that occur around the world. Thanks to the follow back by ones follower you can send direct messages to the person.

On the other hand of Twitter is the facts of many people are willing to do anything for a follow back by the people they follow.  Right now on the Twitter web are two talented individuals who have Tweets of no stop followers who want to be (or rather need to) be followed by their star. Life seems to be a stand still for the unfollowed by these two people and they are #Justin Bieber and #Lady gaga. The amounts of attraction these celebrities have are overwhelming and the #fact that the majority of people on twitter are fans of either or both of the celebrities and both ranking in the top places of most followers.

As more people on Twitter, the better of connecting to everyone worldwide and communication can become easily known by the various people worldwide. The spreading of information is needed.

So spread the info.




  It is all about being connected.



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