Death for a recovering nation

  The bravery of the Liberian troops that stood their ground without being taken for a piece of human, to be ruled by the dictator of the country, they got together and resisted the fear of the dictator. After, many decades of oppression the opposing troops took charged and this time it was no mercy. The reports on the news have many images of the decease and it is claimed he has died of a bullet shot to his head. He was found hidden in the drainage pipes as the search for him was underway. A brutal and blood bath had swept the nation before the discovering of him n the drainage when some people have claim to have seen him take cover. He was pulled out and with sustaining brutal wounds as he was loaded on to the vehicle and removed from the area.

The massive troop fought until the exposure of him and the death of him was circulated worldwide by citizens through their cellphone. This day 20 October 2011, marked the brutal and blood bath in Libya with the death of the leader Muammar Gaddafi (69). The feel of a new beginning, but mostly, the feeling of freedom for the citizen as the dictator that ruled Libya for over 40 years and caused oppression to the nation is finally captured and died. The troops had no sense of forgiveness at that point; they searched and communicated well to the search of the leader. At the end of the day it was worth fighting for a victory to the removal and execution of the leader in their eyes, a long waited victory filled the nation.

The death of the leader: found and pulled out the drainage, dragged with wounds and blood soaked in the clothing, pulled and trashed into the removal truck, and death was proceeded to death. During the capture of weapons being fired and the death of him left to the joy of the nation as the troops praised above with their gun held high in the sky. As for his sons one is reported to be shoot in both legs (Muatassim) and died with a shoot to his chest in the ambulance van and the other son was captured by the troops (Sief al-Islam). The long feared force of Gaddafi troops was crumbled as the defence of the leader was destroyed to pieces with the death the many troops involved.

 In the end of long struggling decades of oppression the leader has been overthrown and killed. The lives of the citizens are free and the gratitude towards the troops that took the sacrifice to be involved in the troops to overthrow the leader and spread the freedom. To this day it is possible as shown by the citizens of Libya to overthrow the dictator and get the nation developing to a better nation. The struggling to the end of the war was brutal and bloody with many deaths, but it brought the most significant change to a nation-  the possibility of war to end in a nation of a dictator.

Weapons with weapons, citizens with citizens and death with                       death of a war.

Victory is re-written in Libya.



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